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The 2016 Local Government elections were held on Saturday 19th March 2016. The election was administered by the Electoral Commission of Queensland and was run smoothly.

For the second time, the process of direct election was applied to the position of Mayor in Indigenous Council areas. A new feature added to the process this term was the inclusion of ‘optional preferential voting’ for Mayoral ballot. The vacancies for Councillors was determined using ‘first past the post” system, with the top four candidates securing the post.

Council has opted to use one councillor for the position of ‘Deputy Mayor’ and this will apply for the term of this council.

Links to councillor disclosures are provided for reference.

Council ordinary meetings have been set for the third Tuesday of every Calendar month – any changes to the assigned meeting date will be captured in a council minute and altered date(s) advertised for the affected meeting.

The following is the team that makes up the Mapoon Aboriginal Shire Council for the term – 2016-2020


MAYOR Aileen Addo

Deputy Mayor 2013-14, Councillor 2012-2016

The first female mayor for Mapoon and second time councilor with extensive knowledge and history working in the health sector. Aileen is honored to be elected unanimously to the position. A former health worker with a keen sense of accountability and respect for culture, she is intent on working with fellow community leaders to add her mark to the solid platform that is Mapoon Shire.


Click link for Aileen Addo Interest Disclosure Statement

Mayor Peter GuivarraDEPUTY-MAYOR Peter Guivarra

Mayor 2000-2016

A long standing Mayor (since inception of MASC) with extensive experience in Local Government, governance, Trustee operations, community planning / development, social policy, leadership, advocacy, conflict resolution and community engagement. A trusted member of the Local Government industry, Peter has a solid reputation amongst his peers and respected as a good leader by his people.


Click link for Peter Guivarra Interest Disclosure Statement

Deputy Mayor Polly SmithCOUNCILLOR Pauline 'Polly' Smith

Deputy Mayor 2012-2013, Councillor 2012-2016

Founding Member and current director of Old Mapoon Aboriginal Corporation (Mapoon Land Trust), representative on the Ely Mining royalties trust and former member of Mapoon Land and Sea Advisory Committee. Polly is a tireless worker for Mapoon, renown for being reliable and honoring her word. A second term councilor, she is keen to build on the platform set during the last term and keen to support progress by working with fellow community members and Traditional Owners to secure a better future for Mapoon.


Click link for Pauline Smith Interest Disclosure Statement

COUNCILLOR Beryl WoodleyCOUNCILLOR Margaret Mara

Newly Elected:

Background: A recognized artist and founding member of Wei-num art organization from Western Cape York region and contributor to regional and state indigenous art events. A former Aged Care Coordinator Margaret has compassion for her people and a keen sense of duty to the community. Active in women’s issues in Mapoon, she is keen to continue her advocacy work for women, elders and children of the community.


Click link for Margaret Mara Interest Disclosure Statement

COUNCILLOR Brendan Brown (Wheeler)

COUNCILLOR Brendan Brown (Wheeler)

Newly Elected

Background: currently serving as a Reservist with the 51st battalion B company stationed out of Weipa. A former Ranger with the Mapoon Land and Sea Ranger program, he has a keen awareness of the environment and cultural practices. Brendan is keen to develop his leadership knowledge and skills as a councilors and represent Mapoon for the betterment of all residents.


Click link for Brendan Brown Interest Disclosure Statement