MASC Meeting Procedures MASC Meeting Procedures

Council meetings are recognised as the key process for councils to make decisions about the strategic direction of the organisation, for procurement of major capital and infrastructure and for creating policy.

During the meeting, the council as a whole is the ultimate decision maker for the organisation and has the responsibility of deciding for the ‘best interest’ of its constituents. The Local Government Act 2009 is the legislative framework underpinning the council and contains five key principles (section 4. LGA09) for all councils in Queensland to observe:

·         transparent and effective processes and decision-making in the public interest

·         sustainable development and management of assets and infrastructure, and

·         delivery of effective services

·         democratic representation, social inclusion and meaningful community

·         engagement

·         good governance of, and by, local government

·         ethical and legal behaviour of councillors and council employees.

These principles apply to all councillors and staff—including mayors, councillors, chief executive officers and all council employees—performing a responsibility under the Local Government Act 2009 and The Local Government Regulation 2012.

As a guide, Council uses “Making the most of council meetings – a resource for local governments” - click HERE for link - which is developed by the Local Government Department and details relevant compliance requorements and recommended procedures.