Road Works – Cape York Program

Road Works – Cape York Program

Road Works – Cape York Program 150 150 mapoonql

Visitors and motorists to Mapoon will recognise the continues works to improve the road infrastructure in Mapoon.

Trathalarrakawana St out to Cullen Point received a two coat bitumen seal and this incorporated the turn area at the camp grounds and parking at the boat ramp.

Hudson St also received attention with formation and two coat bitumen seal application. This work has eliminated dust and linked the school and clinic on Clermont St with the sports hall on Wheeler St.

Plans and drawings are being developed for the following project sites:

  • Wheeler St
  • Thuungoo Rd
  • Air Strip upgrade

MASC acknowledges the Queensland and Australian Government for their financial support for the road program. MASC also thanks and recognises the team at the Department of Transport and Main Roads.