Council and Trustee Meeting Dates 2022


In pursuit of the LGR 2012 Sect 277- The Mapoon Aboriginal Shire Council wishes to inform the Community of its Council and Trustee Meeting dates for 2022.

Council notes and advises that the dates for the 2022 Ordinary Council Meetings and 2022 Trustee Meetings commencing at 9am as per scheduled venue.

Month Council Meeting Trustee Meeting
January Tuesday 18th Tuesday 18th
February Monday 14th Monday 14th
March Tuesday 15th Tuesday 15th
April Tuesday 19th Tuesday 19th
May Monday 16th Monday 16th
June Tuesday 21st Tuesday 21st
July Tuesday 19th Tuesday 19th
August Tuesday 23rd Tuesday 23rd
September Tuesday 20th Tuesday 20th
October Tuesday 18th Tuesday 18th
November Monday 14th Monday 14th
December Tuesday 13th Tuesday 13th