Our Community

Mapoon Aboriginal Shire Council’s goals, pathways, and priorities support for the partnership between council, community, business, and industry to create a strategy for the whole region.

The vision, strategies and actions for our community need to be informed by the views of community members. Harnessing their input requires a range of strategies to foster community ownership and improve outcomes. To engage with all sectors of the community, multiple objectives and opportunities need to underpin the approach. This highlights the need to ensure Mapoon Aboriginal Shire Council develops a well-tailored range of policies to suit community needs. Mapoon Aboriginal Shire Council is striving for the right blend of community engagement, governance and decision-making processes to determine a resilient region well into the future.

Mapoon Aboriginal Shire Council community engagement aims to chart a new direction as we move towards the future. This direction will respect the region’s values and authenticity but look further to establish Mapoon Aboriginal Shire Council as part of Australia’s community.