Our Services

Council provides various services to the Community and the public. The below information will assist residents and visitors to our region. 

  • The Chakara Aged Care is open and providing aged care services in Mapoon including; meals, transport and domestic assistance. Please contact csteamleader@mapoon.qld.gov.au or 0427 731 886

  • Passenger related services and management services for Mapoon Aerodrome. Anyone wanting to land aircraft at Mapoon must contact the Executive Manager of Works, Tom Smith on 0459 878 698 or email him on mapoon.works@mapoon.qld.gov.au. Airport Landing Fees can be found in Fees and Charges. 

  • Mail is delivered to Mapoon from Weipa and is sorted at the Mapoon Store. There are no mail deliveries to houses, and all mail must be picked up at the Store. 

  • Council maintains the Jetties, Barge Landing and Boat Ramp. The newly constructed barge landing and boat ramp are a main feature of Cullen Point and provide an easy launch space for all boats, barges and sea faring vehicles.

    Queries about beach access and natural features including swamps, shore bird and turtle breeding seasons, and the annual Tangeroa Blue Beach Clean up can be directed to the Executive Manager of Environmental Services, Rangers and Parks & Gardens, Kelli Leatham on 0427 171 600 or mapoon.lsrm@mapoon.qld.gov.au

  • Council engages in partnerships and education programs to protect and enhance biodiversity assets, pest animal and plant mitigation, including feral animal culling, natural area reserve network protection, enhancement and management, and fire management programs.  

    These aspects of Council are overseen by Environmental Services, Rangers and Parks and Gardens, and enquiries can be made with the Executive Manager Environmental Services, Rangers and Parks and Gardens, Kelli Leatham on 0429 591 105 or by email at mapoon.lsrm@mapoon.qld.gov.au

  • Council maintains the cemetery and Old People’s Resting Places, provides assistance with the arranging of funeral services and maintaining cemeteries for burials and ashes internment. Council also has a new Hearse available for hire and enquiries about the hearse are to be directed to mapoon.admin@mapoon.qld.gov.au 

  • Council assists with planning, partnering and supporting the community through a range of community development, civic and cultural programs and grants. Queries in relation to community and cultural development can be directed to Wally Ziegelbauer by email to EMCDevelopment@mapoon.qld.gov.au 

  • Council manages and the hiring and leasing of community and cultural venues including the Ina and Jerry Hudson Hall, the Mapoon Church, the Mapoon Council Training Room and in the near future the Mapoon Cultural Centre. Queries about venue hire can be directed to reception@mapoon.qld.gov.au by email. 

  • Council provides and maintains the Cullen Point Campgrounds and Paanja Lodge Cabins. Through the provision of good quality tourist facilities Council aims to increase visitor numbers to the area and boost economic opportunities for local businesses. Queries about Camping Permits and Cabin Bookings can be made through Council’s Business Services Manager Bill Guivarra on 0428 593 829 or emailing on bsc@mapoon.qld.gov.au 

  • Council continues advocating to provide greater access to information and learning opportunities through the provision of a Cultural Centre, keeping Place and Library. 

  • Council conducts planning, engineering, plumbing and landscaping approvals, provision of specialist advice to the community on planning requirements, audit of private development works, investigation of complaints from the public around land use or development, management of appeals Development Service enquiries can be made through the Executive Manager of Works, Tom Smith by emailing him on mapoon.works@mapoon.qld.gov.au

  • Council is heavily involved in regional disaster management co-ordination including prevention, preparation, response, and recovery from natural disasters and critical events. The Mapoon Local Disaster Management Group is chaired by the Mayor, Aileen Addo and keeps community abreast of the latest developments in relation to the COVID-19 event. Queries in relation to Disaster Management can be made through the Executive Manager of Works, Tom Smith by email works@mapoon.qld.gov.au

  •  Council is involved in numerous partnerships aimed at developing industry and business programs and initiatives to support the growth of the regional economy. 

  • The dedicated Mayor and Councillors are committed to providing community leadership, democratic representation, advocacy and impartiality in decision-making. 

  • Maintaining and regulating local amenity through local laws, community land permits, and management of animals, overgrown land and abandoned vehicles 

  • New Solar Lights have been installed through-out the community and out to the campgrounds at Cullen Point.

  • Council has a well-developed town plan and this determines land use planning, social policy, infrastructure planning and charges, flood mapping, transportation planning, and implementation of environmental initiatives.

  • Council contributes significantly to protecting public health by managing water quality, overseeing management of declared pests including controlling mosquitoes and administering environmental health regulations. All queries in relation to Council related health issues such as water quality or pest management can be made through the Executive Manager of Works, Tom Smith by emailing him on mapoon.works@mapoon.qld.gov.au.  

  • Council oversees the provision of quarry products for construction, architectural and landscaping purposes, the Executive Manager of Works, Tom Smith by emailing him on mapoon.works@mapoon.qld.gov.au oversees quarries and quarry supplies. 

  • Council is in the process of designing a major recreational hub as part of the council’s plan for public open spaces – for active and passive recreation. Currently, the Splash Park is very popular with visitors and more information will be added to the website in relation to parks and facilities as they become available. Council provides community sport and recreation facilities including the football facility and sports field. Queries re these services can be made to reception@mapoon.qld.gov.au by email. 


  • Council maintains and improves the road network and associated assets (sealed and unsealed roads, bridges, and pathways), advocating for public pathways, vegetation management, construction, and project delivery services, permit fees, and private works. All queries about the roads and roadworks can be made to mapoon.works@mapoon.qld.gov.au 

  • Council maintains stormwater drainage systems and the Infrastructure and Works Department oversees these services. 

  • Council ensures regular collection and disposal of solid and liquid wastes, overseeing the waste transfer facility and landfill, recycling and materials recovery, and brokering community education programs in relation to waste and resource management. Queries can be made to Tom Smith, Executive Manager of infrastructure and Works at mapoon.works@mapoon.qld.gov.au